Hi there! A few words about me:

I am passionate Web developer, (only) 24 years old.
Currently I am Master in E-business and e-governance at the University of Sofia.
I have my own company named V Media developing the website otlichen.bg.
I work as a Web developer at Komfo.
On the 30th of June 2012 I took a MENSA test and got IQ 154, 99th percentile.

I like Volkswagen, Google and Pepsi. :-)
I like databases
I like JavaScript & PHP
Learning base
I have built dozens of websites participating or not in a team.

In addition to my software development skills I know a lot about:
Software Project Management
Knowledge Management
Design and Analysis of Information Systems
Database Management Systems
Knowledge-Based Systems

I am social *
You can find me on:

GitHub: github.com/vcrazy
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ganevbg
Probook: probook.bg/profile/v

You can also send me an e-mail:
vihren : k : ganev @ gmail : com

* compared to other software developers :-)
Recently I started writing blog articles:

First of all, here's a link to the blog: blog.ganev.bg

It was high time for me to start writing my opinion on the Internet.
I think I know a lot about programming and should share it with the world. Also I have faced hundreds of problems and found solutions on my own.
I also want to share ideas about businesses and better quality of life.

I hope you guys like it! :)